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GE LED PAR-30 Dimmable 12W 927 E27

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Shipping weight: 0.28 kg
Ecodesign regulation: Yes
Energy efficiency class: A
Rated power: 12.00 W
Energy consumption: 12.00 kWh/1000h
EU energy labels printed on the carton may be wrong.
The correct energy efficiciency class is available from the manufacturer's system.
Shape: PAR-30
Base: E-27
Voltage: 230 V
Lamp current: 0.15 A
Nominal wattage: 12 W
Power factor: 0.8
Beam angle: 35 °
Life: 40000 h
Switching cycles: 40000
Color: White
Color temperature: 2700 K
Candle power: 2200 cd
Luminous flux: 720 lm
Luminous efficacy: 60 lm/W
Color rendering index: 90 Ra
Burning position: Any
Hot restrike: Yes
Dimmable: Yes
Accent lighting: Yes
Starting time: 0.5 s
Warm-up time: 1 s
Mercury content: 0 mg
Equivalent wattage: 75 W
Voltage type: Alternating voltage
Current type: Alternating current
GE LED PAR-30 Dimmable 12W 927 E27

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